Books Written and/or Illustrated by Julie Wohl

Make Create Celebrate, Jewish Holidays through Art



Paint, perform, and doodle your way through the Jewish holidays!

Guide your students through a process of unlocking the meaning of each holiday and its values through artistic projects and concepts. 

Make, Create, Celebrate uses art as a way to help students connect with the underlying values of the holidays in a personal way, free from explaining the how-tos of each holiday.


  • Gallery Tour: More than 15 beautiful, full-color images of contemporary and historical artworks with accompanying reflection questions.
  • About Art: Explanations of art techniques
  • Good to Know: Fun facts about the holidays
  • Think About: Prompts and thoughtful questions that help learners apply their art experiences to the Jewish holidays
  • Artist Statements: Space for students to write and reflect about their own work
  • Peer Reviews: Opportunities for students to share their work with friends, and give and receive feedback.
  • Video Links: Links to online, original videos by the author, Julie Wohl, that demonstrate activities within the source.  

"Make, Create, Celebrate is beautifully done and is filled with so many great activities!"
— Rachel Stern, Institute of Southern Jewish Life 

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Make, Create, Celebrate Lesson Plan Manual


Teaching a class using Make, Create, Celebrate? This Lesson Plan Manual includes 23 ready-to-use, 50-minute lesson plans. These includes:

  • ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS: Overarching questions that reflect the main idea of the lessons.
  • ACTIVITIES: Step-by-step directions and background information.
  • MATERIAL LISTS: Clear lists of basic and readily available supplies needed for each lesson.
  • EXTENSION ACTIVITIES: Optional activities for further exploration and study.
  • DIGITAL RESOURCES: Links to online resources including original videos that demonstrate activities within the course.l 

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Siddur Mah Tov a Family Shabbat Prayer Book, Conservative


Welcome parents and their children ages 5-10 to the joy of Shabbat morning prayer with this family-friendly siddur. Glorious original oil paintings add a new dimension to family Shabbat morning worship services--the visual and emotional resonance of art. Through the art worshippers will be inspired to think what the prayers mean to them, to create their own mental prayer images, and to share their vision with their family. Available in Reform and Conservative editions, in both paperback and hardcover, Siddur Mah Tov makes prayer accessible to all congregants. Full transliteration allows parents to easily participate in read-aloud Hebrew sections, and easy-to-understand English translations mean all family members can experience Shabbat in a dynamic, spiritually meaningful, and creative way.

Vibrant illustrations inspire emotional connections to prayer.
Full transliteration welcomes parents and allows full participation.
Clear, simple translations help congregants explore the meaning of the prayers. 

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Siddur Mah Tov, a Family Shabbat Prayer Book, Reform,


 Welcome parents and their children ages 5-10 to the joy of Shabbat morning prayer with this family-friendly siddur. Glorious original oil paintings add a new dimension to family Shabbat morning worship services 

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Siddur Mah Tov Shabbat Leaders Guide


 For rabbis, cantors, educators, and lay leaders: A guide to creating great worship services that reflect your community's values. Packed with suggestions for involving families in the Shabbat morning service. Includes guiding questions for interpreting the artwork in Siddur Mah Tov, and ideas for using story-telling, music, movement, and props to make worship services fun and participatory. 

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Simply Seder, a Passover Haggadah


 Create your own meaningful seder with Simply Seder: A Passover Haggadah. Clear directions, explanations of time-honored rituals, and thought-provoking discussion starters will help you create a memorable experience for your guests 

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