About the Artist

Julie Wohl is an artist and  Jewish educator. She earned her master's degree in Jewish Education from the Davidson School at the Jewish Theological Seminary and she is a working artist who has written and illustrated a number of books and resources for Jewish schools and families. Julie has found a niche at the corner of her two passions: artmaking and Judaism.  Her workshops, her artwork, her writing and her teaching are all strengthened as a result.  

Creative Arts Beit Midrash

 Julie is the force behind Jewish Learning Thru Art, a traveling Creative Arts Beit Midrash.  She loves facilitiating art making workshops, Torah study and creative expression experiences for children, teens and adults.  Check in with her to find out more about opportunities in a community near you.

Fine Art Commissions

Julie sells her joyful fine art, Jewish paintings, art dolls, painted furniture and more. Her work can be found in galleries, synagogues and private collections around the United States.  Contact Julie  to discuss commssions or to ask about individual pieces and prices.  juliewohljudaica@gmail.com


Books and Resources

New products are coming soon!